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From Per Square Mile
Welcome to this urban planning blog. I believe that information, this
insights and inspirations from a large number of subjects can help to make better towns and cities, and this blog will try to make connections between a range of disciplines and thereby attempt to generate practical ideas for making better places.

These blog posts are written in order to clarify some of my ideas about how to make better places, and in order to think of new ideas; they are published in order to make these ideas available for public criticism as a means to test, refine or reject them.

My first hope for this blog are that some of these ideas will be found to be helpful in making better places; my second hope is that, whether through new information, personal reflection or critiques, I’ll come to change my mind about others of them.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, polite critiques or just want to say hello I would be pleased to hear from you at chris@chrishaile.com

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    I would like to thank you for making this great blog of high quality analyses. I`ve been searching for such sources to get better in field of urban design and I got to admit that your contrast theory vs sense of enclosure is the exactly one.

    Thanks a lot, Im gonna certainly keep on following this blog.

    Tomas from Slovakia.

    • Thanks Tomas, I’m very glad you find the blog useful. I haven’t posted much at all for quite a while; I’ve been doing some planning for a new city in India, and I find that work both taxing and time-consuming. Most of my blog posts take much more time than originally anticipated, but I’ll certainly try to publish something else about contrast and urban design soon. Thank you for reading!

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